What will happen if inertia not exist?

Inertia- is a property of any matter by which it wants to remain in its state of motion or at rest. It was explained by Isaac Newton in his first law of motion. It states that an object will remain at rest or keep on moving in a straight line if no external force is applied to it.

But consider a world where inertia does not exist. What effects would be seen?

1. The concept of rest and motion of an object will not be valid.

One of the considerable effects will be between objects at rest and objects which are moving. An object at rest means it will not change its position with respect to time. But when inertia does not exist, any object can leave its position. It can occupy any other position even without the use of external force.

Again, a moving object means which can change its position with respect to time. But without inertia, any object moving can stop any time even if friction is not there.

2. The direction of motion will not be fixed

Because of inertia, any object moves in a straight line till no force act on it. But if inertia does not exist then a moving object will take any random direction.

An object moving in circle heads on a straight line when a centripetal force(centripetal force – force pulling the object towards the centre) is released. If inertia does not exist, then the object will take any random direction.

3. There will not be any object with mass.

Inertia in any object is because of its mass. Greater the mass, the greater the inertia. So, if inertia does not exist, this implies that bodies do not have mass. All bodies will be massless.

4. Impact on daily life

  • Have you ever got jerk while traveling on a bus that was moving smoothly, but suddenly the driver applied brake?
  • Have you ever slipped on the wet floor? Inertia was also responsible.
  • Have you played a game in which a card place over a tumbler and a coin over it? When someone pulls the card suddenly, the coin falls inside the tumbler.

If inertia does not exist you will not get the same result next time.5. And at last no, anything will be stable. No tree, plant, the house will be rooted for sure. It is not sure that we will walk on land

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