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Autonomous vehicles, self-driving cars, Autonomous cars you might have come across any of the terms or all several times.

The craze of autonomous vehicles can be realized from the fact that Tesla becomes the most valuable automobile company in terms of market share. And its CEO Elon Musk gained a huge amount of money because of Tesla in 2020. And the speed of development of technologies for autonomous vehicles can be realized from the fact that every major tech giant is either involved or planning to involve.

As an example, Google has Waymo that has tested self-driving cars successfully. Some cars have driven a million miles.

Amazon had acquired Zoox. And Zoox has also tested Robotaxi. They may commercialize the Robotaxi very soon.

Apple is collaborating with automobile company to enter this market. Microsoft is also planning to enter the AVs market.

If world is moving towards self driving cars then this will have large effects in the world. Lets talk what effects this will cause in the world.


When cars started to manufacture they had only mechanical items, no electronics items were involved. But with time electrical and electronics(mainly electronics) items were being used. Now cars have lots of electronics items.

And in autonomous cars, more electronics items will be used. They will possess LiDAR, RADAR, Sensors, Cameras, etc. And for processing purposes, these cars will be equipped with computers. New technology such as luminar technology has started. Artificial intelligence and advanced in the same will be required.


The direct impact of autonomous vehicles will be on jobs. Drivers will lose their jobs. In India alone, there are 1 crore(10 million) drivers. If the Indian government allows AVs, a maximum of them will lose jobs.

AVs will be dealing with data, electronics items, AI algorithms, software. Now to use them and maintain them more software engineers, data scientists, robotics engineers will be required.

Change in tourism and structure of cities.

What do you think, will autonomous cars go through internal modification? I think, yes. They will become movable at home or workplace or gym.

So, when people will go for tourism, instead of booking hotels they will use their cars. These cars will perform two jobs at a time. First, these will transport people from one place to another place as they do. Second these cars will provide a place for people to stay. People will not have to worry about who will drive their cars at night?

How structure of cities will change?

Think, What your cars do for maximum time? They are parked in the parking lot. On average 95% time our cars are parked. And therefore, cities have large land occupied as a parking area. But AVs will know to drive by themselves. Then you will be able to put your car at work. It will be able to drop you for your work, then it can go to pick your wife and drop her at a shopping mall, pick your friend from the airport and drop him at the hotel. This way cars will be working for maximum time and the requirement of the parking area will decrease.

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