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Well, now we have Arduino boards(if you don’t have you can use a simulator) with us. We have understood its hardware description. We need to have software to write and implement our code to perform our project. For this, Arduino provides an IDE(Integrated Development Environment). We will learn how to download and install the IDE.

Downloading and installing software is very easy. You are getting stuck anywhere, let RedEngine help you. Follow the steps to download and install ide

Download software

Step 1: Search for

step 2: Click on the “software”.

Step 3: Click on windows app for windows users, for other users click on the respective option available.

Step 4: Then you will be directed to the window as shown below. Click on “Just download” if you do not want to donate. Since Arduino is an open-source electronics platform, they expect people to contribute for the development.

You will see software to be downloading. Wait till the software downloads.

Install Arduino Uno

Step 1: Click on the downloaded software you will get a window as shown below. Click on “run”.

Step 2: In the next window click on “I agree”.

Step 3: Then click “next” in the upcoming window.

Step 4: Then click “install”.

Step 5: The installation process will run for a while. Wait till IDE got installed. Then click “close”.

This process is over. But your learning has now started. Do you want to learn advanced concepts? Then, Subscribe to our newsletter.

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