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We have Arduino boards available with us. We have downloaded and installed Arduino ide. Along with these, we need to have the concept of some of the basic electrical components. We will cover those components in this article.


It is a rectangular-shaped board for making electrical connections very easily. The board looks as shown below. There are several small holes. These holes are short-circuited one way or another. Making the electrical connection of two or more components becomes easy with the use of the breadboard.


A resistor is an electrical component that opposes the flow of current. There are several types of resistors available in the world. Among them, one type is carbon resistor. These resistors are made from the deposition of metal or carbon film over a ceramic carrier. There is 3-5 colorful strip on the surface of the carbon resistor. And these colors indicate a specific number. There is a specific method to determine the value of resistance offered by carbon resistors.


A capacitor is an electrical component that stores electrical energy in the form of an electric field. The parallel plate capacitors are made from parallel metallic plates and in between there is a dielectric material. It opposes the instantaneous change of voltage.


Inductor also stores electric energy but in form of a magnetic field. It opposes the instantaneous change in current. It is made by winding insulated wire around a core.


The transistor is a three-terminal semiconductor device that is employed for amplification, filtration purposes. It has many types depending on the material from which it is made, the internal structure. Among them, one is BJT (Bipolar junction Transistor). It is a three-layered transistor with two layers of n-type and one layer of type semiconductor or two layers of p-type and one layer of n-type semiconductor.

Jumper wire

These are collections of cables having sophisticated ends for easing connection purposes. According to the type of end, it is categorized as a male-to-male, male-to-female, female-to-female jumper wire. All these types are employed according to necessity.

DC voltage supply

DC voltage supply in our projects we will use lithium-ion or a lithium-polymer battery. These batteries are rechargeable. We can also use the non-rechargeable battery. The voltage supply should be more than 5v to the components.


Some of the motors we will use in our project will be dc motors, servo motors, stepper motors. These motors will be of 5-20v. Motor driver- To use motors according to planning we need to use a motor driver. This electronic board decides what (whether to stop or keep it running, run at what speed, etc. ) to do with the motor according to code.

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