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Robots are no more new to us. Robots are working in many fields. Robots are becoming domestic now. These are serving in restaurants, hotels, universities, and even in our homes. The cutting-edge technologies coming every day is evolving these species very fast. But what is a robot?

There are many formal definitions of robots.

According to the Oxford dictionary “A machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer.”

According to the International organization for standardization “An automatically controlled, reprogrammable, multipurpose manipulator programmable in three or more axes, which can be either fixed in its place or mobile for use in industrial automation applications.”

According to the Robot Institute of America “It is a reprogrammable multi-functional manipulator designed to move materials, parts, tools or specialized devices through variable programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks.”

Based on the utility, types, and other criteria these robots are categorized into.


Manipulators are one type of robot with a fixed base. They perform all the tasks with their base fixed. Manipulators are of two types, serial manipulators or parallel manipulators.

2. Terrestrial mobile Robots
  • Legged robot- Legged robots have 2,4,6,8 legs depending on their behavior.
  • Wheeled robot- For their locomotion they have wheels.
  • Aerial robot- These robots fly in the sky.
  • Underwater – These robots perform their tasks underwater such as underwater investigation, construction works underwater, welding of pipes underwater.
  • Humanoid- Humanoid robots have 2 legs i.e. they are bipedal, till now these robots do not perform any outstanding tasks. Scientists are trying to replicate the basic activity of human beings on them such are walking, talking, understanding human activity. Some famous humanoid robots are Asimo from Honda, Atlas from Boston Dynamics, Sarcos, Romeo
  • Hybrid robot- Some examples are Ocean one, Handle from Boston Dynamics.
  • Micro robot
  • Soft robots- This type of robot is not built from rigid body. They have fluids inside them. Some of the applications of these robots are wearable soft robots, prosthetic limbs, origami muscle robots.

Based on applications, these robots are

Industrial Robot
  • Articulated robots- These robots have resembles a human arms with joints vaying from 2 in number to upto 10 . These robots perform tasks such as pick and place, machine tending, assembly, welding, packaging, inspection material removal etc
  • SCARA robots-It is a type of industrial robot. The full name stand for Selective compliance Articulated Robot Arm. It is a light weight robot and has four degree of freedom. This type of robot is used in pick and place, assembly, inspection, packaging.
  • Delta robots- This is one of the recent configuration development.this type of robot includes machine with concurrent prismatic or rotary joints.  The main applications of delta robot are pick and place, assembly, inspection.  
  • Cartesian robots- A Cartesian robots also called Gantry consist of 3 or more linear joints and these joints are in x,y,z axis direction. The applications of this type of robot is pick and place, assembly, inspection.
Service robot
  1. Personal- Some of the examples of personal robots available around the world are Pepper by SoftBank Robotics, Jibo, Kuri By Mayfield Robotics, Asus Zenbo.
  • Domestic robots
  • Automated Wheelchairs
  • Personal Robots
  • Robots for Entertainment
  1. Professional
  • Medical robots
  • Military robots
  • Chef robots
  • Construction robot
  • Agriculture robot
  • Transport robot
  • Delivery Robots
  • Robots for natural Disasters
  • Firefighting Robots


  1. Snake Robots (CMU)
  2. Salamander Robot(EPFL)
  3. Exoskeletons
  4. Legged chairs
  5. Geminoid
  6. Sophia
  7. XLR
  8. HAND

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