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The brain-computer interface(BCI) is also called the brain-machine interface(BMI). It is a technology that allows the brain and computer and other digital devices to communicate.

Brain-computer interface (BCI or BMI) is very helpful for people disabled by a neuromuscular disorder.

When sense organs communicate with the brain we feel the real world. But when computers will start to communicate with the brain we will also feel the virtual world.[READ MORE]

How is it possible?

According to a company called “Neuralink”

Very thin, micron-scaled threads are inserted into the areas of the brain that control movement.

These threads contain a large number of electrodes to detect neural signals.

The thread is connected to the link. Link is a sealed implanted device that processes stimulates and transmits neural signals outside the brain for action.

Why do we need such a technology?

This is the ultimate question. If companies are investing a huge amount of money then there must be some goal to achieve.

BMI has the following application in the field of healthcare, entertainment, virtual reality, education, self-driving cars, creation of a world that is imaginary today.


  1. This technology will enable a paralyzed person to walk and move.
  2. Dumb people will be able to communicate with others. This technology will allow communication.
  3. A paralyzed person will able to work on a computer (typing, internet browsing) just by thinking.


  1. We will realize virtual reality.
  2. People will feel the scenes of movies. They will get the feeling of the existence of the same environment around them as it will in the movie.

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